Greetings from the air!

The following is the first in a series of guest blog posts written by my niece, Katy, who flies as an Air Force instructor pilot.

Hello World!

Some of you may know me from Sandy’s previous blog posts–specifically about my husband and I’s wedding back in 2015, or my pilot training graduation back in 2013. My husband, Josh, and I are both Air Force pilots who met during pilot training in 2011 and have been inseparable since. Over the years, we’ve had some pretty unique experiences that I’d love to share with you.  It’s funny, when you do something everyday, you lose track of how spectacular and unique certain things are until you reflect on them later. I just hope that my crazy life brings you some enjoyment–or maybe a little belief and trust in the strength and love that my family has for what we do to serve our country.

Oh yeah, and some sweet airplane pictures!

More to come — including how many times Josh and I have been able to fly together, my most memorable flights, and the story of how Josh and I by chance were able to fly a refueling mission with each other. Not sure how many married couples can say they’ve flown two mult-million dollar airplanes through the sky physically connected at 305 mph (265 knots).

As always, thanks for reading, and fly safe!



  1. That is totally AWESOME!! I gotta say, I’m hooked on airplanes! My 24 year old is an A&P mechanic, he did a 4 year program in conjunction with Embry Riddle in Daytona. He actually finished the program at ERAU, in 11 months! He was only 19 when he got his A&P!!
    He has about 20 hours flight time, from the High School program. AND, yes, there were plenty females in the High School program!! He worked 4 years at an MRO (Major Repair Operation) working on Delta, FEDEX, and quite a few others. He then worked at Gulfstream in Savannah, at Flight Testing, on the newest plane. Now, he is working for a company at PBIA!! I spend my time, waiting to pick him up watching airplanes, take off and land!!

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